Horse owner training academy

7March 2021

Ok, I can’t wait!! I was going to get all the social media and website lined up before I threw it out into the big bad world but I’m too excited!!! 

This is an exciting new venture for EMA that I am going to be running on their behalf. Angela Hall, EMA director has written some fantastic courses to help horse owners increase their equine knowledge! Anyway, better get back to work! Hoping to have the website and social media for it live ASAP then course dates dependent on when lockdown ends.


    • Equine Massage for Horse Owners
    • Pony Massage for Children
    • Buying a Horse – All you Need to Know
    • Confirmation, Biomechanics and Beyond
    • Optimum Horse Care & Management for Owners
    • Paddock Management for Equestrian Use
    • Racehorse to Riding Horse Aftercare
    • Traveling Horses Certificate of Management Competency
    • Management & Applied Therapy for All Equine Breeding Stock
    • Equine Biosecurity Best practice protocols
    • Water Treadmill Training Protocols & Programmes for Horses
    • Equine Emergency First Aid
    • Colic & Gut Health

Diane Cornthwaite

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