It’s like love island with cow shit round here!!!

7March 2021

Staff is the driving force behind any business…. we employ several staff on our farm and stud and with the ongoing global pandemic the only place the staff has been able to consistently leave home to travel to since the whole thing kicked off is the closes hall!!

Over the course of 2020, the staff has become like a second family to each other and honestly, when it’s going well they’re an awesome team. I spend most of my time in the farm office when I’m there so I don’t see all the staff on a daily basis. 

There have been romances both blossom and burn between staff during the pandemic so when I was informed of the latest dramas and romances whilst milking this morning the first thing that popped in my head was “it’s like love island with cow shit around here” 😂 seriously! it’s all going on he likes her, she doesn’t like him, they’re a couple, they’re not talking, they pretend they hate each other but they secretly snap….. I can’t keep up! Someone get me the number for the love island producer this could be their next big hit!!!! 

on a serious note though I’m glad our staff is helping each other through this pandemic it’s not been easy for anyone and we really are lucky to have the team we have.

Diane Cornthwaite

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