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7March 2021

Do you ever have days where nothing on your to-do list runs smoothly?! Today was one of those days!!! The simplest of things became a major task and they hit me one after the other all day long! 

The most bizarre and amusing thing that happened today was a zoom puppy viewing featuring this lovely little fluff ball and her littermates!! Firstly, zoom…. I’ve attended called but never arranged on so the poor prospective buyer had to do that bit for me. So there I am 11 am sharp, on the porch floor surrounded by confused puppies and an over-excited mum who’s never normally allowed in the house because she’s a farm dog! The lady appears on the screen with a notepad in hand….. she had a list of questions on a clipboard and she was straight in with the first one! It was like some kind of a cross between the cube and a police interrogation 😂 I’m hopeless at remembering numbers including dates of birth, worming, ID chip numbers, etc so that in itself was stress but add into the mix excitable puppies fighting with my feet climbing over my legs and generally using me as a jungle gym and a bitch who is so excited she’s getting cuddles she head-butted my phone cutting off the video at one point!!! After about 20 minutes of interrogation, it was puppy viewing time….. well they were on fire they were flying around, the lady couldn’t differentiate, I had no idea who she was talking about when she was trying to single one out as I was too busy concentrating on her not the puppies so we ended the call with me promising to do an ID parade via email so she could see the little monkeys still and try and identify the one she liked….. that was several hours ago now and I’ve not heard back which bundle of joy she would like to reserve!!!! Harsh words have been had with dad- under no terms must he agree to a zoom call again! Videos, photos, and phone calls I can deal with but that ordeal left me needing a brew and 5 minutes of peace and quiet 😂

Diane Cornthwaite

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