Expert and Professional

Saddle and bridle fit checks & Bit fit check

The saddle and bridle are the most important pieces of equipment for both horse and rider. Without a properly fitting saddle and bridle, there will be pain for both of you.

Bespoke integrated therapy

Using the unique skillset and equipment I have to best improve the horse’s health, wellbeing, and performance with therapies tailored to your horse’s individual needs.

Rehabilitation Program

Tailored to the specific horse; detailing how the exercise regime will increase over a period of time, with a full explanation and support for any owners undertaking the rehabilitation program themselves.

Rehabilitation Livery

 This rehabilitation program is combined with an intense program of therapies at our facilities. The aim is to return your horse to its best possible function and fitness.  As an owner I know that this is your priority.

Horse owner training academy courses

These courses provide owners with a range of necessary skills to deepen their understanding of various aspects of the equine industry and further bridge the gap between professionals and owners. Learn the skills that you need to be the best possible owner for your horse.

Horse owner massage courses

We provide owners with the necessary skills to keep their horse in a relaxed state as this aids health, promotes calm and reduces anxiety. It also equips the owner with the skills to know when they need to seek a therapist’s help with their horse.

Services offered

Free dynamic and static evaluation of the horse with owner discussion prior to any other services being offered.


We will be announcing a range of owner courses that will run from spring 2021 and be either at our venue or yours.

Our courses are available to view and book on the website so why not go and have a look?

Information about the courses is on our HOTA page and you can view the dates and prices on our Courses Page.

You can take any course that fits your needs from Equine Emergency first Aid to Management and Applied Therapy for all Equine Breeding Stock. Our courses will equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to care for your horse in most eventualities and to bond with your horse on a higher level than you have had previously.

If you care about horses; if you want to work with horses; if you hope for career development in the fields of equine care then the courses at Pendle Animal Therapies are for you. Get in touch with us today or book directly onto a course through this website and don’t risk losing out.